Our responsibility to customers, employees and investors is rigidly anchored in our corporate governance.

Ethical conduct of our business

As part of our responsibility to customers, employees and investors, we promote the ethical conduct of our business through a comprehensive set of policies and work instructions or similar guidance accessible to all employees. 

Examples for the principles and policies include an anti-bribery policy, a whistleblowing system and a cybersecurity policy. The implementation of policies and guidelines is ensured through regular employee training and external audits.

Effective risk management

On top of policies and work instructions, an effective risk management, ensuring data protection and the security of our IT systems are top priorities for us. This objective is anchored in a comprehensive risk management framework (e.g., Three Lines of Defense model, Risk Culture & Governance and Risk Appetite Statement). Additional measures of risk management involve data protection, information and cyber security, as well as physical health and safety.

Incorporating best practice governance standards

auxmoney is committed to maintain industry-leading corporate governance. Generally, our approach is based on the principles and provisions of the relevant local legislation, applicable laws as well as industry standards. On group level, a board consisting of highly experienced members from the banking and financial services industry has been established and key governing committees have been established, including a Risk and Compliance Committee, a Commercial & Financial Performance Committee and a Remuneration and Nomination Committee.

On top of the governing bodies, regular external audits (as 3rd line of defense) provide assurance about design and effectiveness of 1st and 2nd line and report to the Risk and Compliance Committee.

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